A special thanks to all our volunteers and community members

Organizations like AshaKiran speak volumes about the character of our community.  Those involved in community development know that a compassionate nonprofit organization like AshaKiran is a prime indicator of the growth, support and wellbeing of our community.

To many AshaKiran's "Ray of Hope Event" fund raiser  is an opportunity to come for a couple of hours and seek an escape from the ordinary.  It’s also a way to express their support to our community.

It is entertainment, but work goes into producing the ‚ÄúRay of Hope Event‚ÄĚ . It involves the effort of several volunteers who make it run smoothly and dedicate weeks and weeks of their time and energy to plan it.

 AshaKiran's "Ray of Hope Event"  experience goes well beyond the performance you are about to witness.

For our community members AshaKiran’s activities are highly educational; we seek to empathize with and empower the South Asian community.  AshaKiran especially serves those that are experiencing personal,

 family, social or occupational crisis situations.  We provide support, guidance and referrals to those who may have nowhere else to turn in these times of adversity. 

‚ÄúRay of Hope Event 2009‚ÄĚ helped us learn how anyone can be abusive or be abused and the impact of abuse on the whole family, especially on children.¬† The upcoming ‚ÄúRay of Hope Event 2010‚ÄĚ will bring another

 prominent South Asian speaker to expand our awareness to improve our mental and psychological well being.

There is no way for me to adequately thank the AshaKiran's volunteers who give so selflessly and work so hard to make this "Ray of Hope Event‚Ä̬† possible.¬† I offer my most sincere and heartfelt appreciation to everyone

 involved in making a strong organization like AshaKiran a priority for this community.

Please accept my thanks for supporting AshaKiran's "Ray of Hope Event" fundraiser event through your attendance and your donations.¬† Through the events we host, such as the ‚ÄúRay of Hope Event‚ÄĚ , educational

 seminars, and fundraising dinners we not only educate, we provide opportunities for more fortunate members of the community to contribute to those in need.

Your direct participation in continuing AshaKiran's "Ray of Hope Event 2010"  is very important and will make a difference in the lives of other members of our community.

Sudhakar Lakkaraju, Co-Chair,

A Ray of Hope Event 2010

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