AshaKiran fills a need in the community that mainstream agencies may not be able to address adequately and unfortunately individuals with foreign origins — when faced with challenges such as abuse, violence, emotional trauma, loneliness or depression — have a difficult time reaching out for help leading to dangerous silence. Through a variety of community and individual based confidential culturally sensitive programs and initiatives, AshaKiran provides a "ray of hope" toward building a more healthy and harmonious community.

AshaKiran covers issues with: domestic violence · sexual assault · violence/crisis of any kind · developmental disabilities · loneliness · depression  

Some common barriers to seeking help are: lack of knowledge about available resources & laws · lack of support from family & friends · cultural & religious diversity from mainstream · lack of finances · lack of official documents for victim & children · communication & language difficulty 

Some common barriers to cross cultural relationships: stereotyping · prejudice · discrimination · fear · lack of experience · ethnocentrism · oppression · imposition  

Confidential AND culturally sensitive services provided: 24HR Crisis AshaLine "Hope-Line" · Community Education · Emergency Shelter · Seminars & Workshops · Transportation · e-AshaVani Newsletter · Accompaniment · Community Events · Advocacy · Translation

Cross-Cultural Training

If you are an organization that has faced challenges in serving foreign born victims and/or communities, AshaKiran can be a helpful resource to you. If you are interested in a better understanding of the cultural nuances regarding foreign born individuals experiencing crises and enhance your skills to better serve foreign born victims/survivors, please contact us:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

AshaKiran's Cross-Cultural Awareness Training (CCAT): is designed for organizations working within foreign born communities and is provided throughout Alabama. Unlike traditional cultural diversity classes, our culturally sensitive training classes and workshops provide additional understanding of the various cultural nuances involved when dealing with specific crisis issues, such as domestic violence and sexual assault, and are designed for first responders, health professionals and other crisis organizations. 

AshaKiran currently offers training to provide guidance when interacting with foreign born communities addressing the unique issues and nuances specific to the following: 

· Law Enforcement 

· Legal Services/Professionals 

· Emergency Medical Services 

· Counseling Organizations/Services 

· Crisis Organizations 

· Shelters 

AshaKiran also offers CCAT's focused on Developmental Disabilities (DD). For more information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   

AshaKiran's Annual Cultural Competency in Crisis Intervention Workshop: is intended to increase participants' awareness of the cultural barriers that impact recovery within a particular ethnic group is primarily geared towards health professionals, law enforcement, counselors/social workers and advocates. Continuing Education Credits (CEU) will be available for nurses and social workers as well as NBCC credits for counselors. The workshop is designed to increase participants' awareness of the cultural norms and values of a specific ethnic group that changes each year.  

Language Advocacy 

Do you speak another language? Become an AshaKiran PAID Interpretor & make a difference in your community!

Get FREE training! 
Receive FREE training through our Multi-Lingual Access Model (MLAM). AshaKiran Language Advocates will earn a certificate after 54 hours training in specialized interpreting, language advocacy and cultural competency. Upon completion of the MLAM training, AshaKiran Language Advocates will have opportunities for paid compensation as an AshaKiran freelance translator while simultaneously helping those in need in our community!

Make a difference!
Become a culturally sensitive language advocate providing support to individuals in crisis situations and domestic violence survivors.

Sign up to register at:

For More information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


MLAM Training Dates:

MARCH 23rd, 24th & 30th @ 4PM - 7:30PM

APRIL 6th @ 4PM - 7:30PM
          13th & 14th @ 8AM - 5PM
          19th & 27th @ 4PM - 7:30PM

MAY  11th, 18th & 25th @ 4PM - 7:30PM
          26th & 27th @ 8AM - 5PM

LOCATION: Dowdle Center, 109 Governors Dr SE, Huntsville, AL







Annual Cultural Competency in Crisis Intervention Workshop

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AshaKiran Milestone: 10 Years! 

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